7.1.18 "On the Other Side" music video!

The deeper the darkness the more the world needs your light. 

Today, my offering is a simple song of encouragement & commitment. A video expression of pure love between parent & child. I'm keenly aware of my own privilege…


2.16.18 "Blessed for the Journey" music video release!

We live. We love. We belong. In times full of fear, conflict, and pain, it is so easy to forget one of life's first lessons...the power of holding hands with those beside us. Stepping with courage into the unknown with…


2.14.18 FWTW Behind the Songs: "Tell me Stories"

It all started in the backseat of a converted old ambulance 2,500 miles from home. I had never heard someone tell a story like you do, winding roads through moments that no one else seemed to notice. Each chapter of…


9.29.17 FWTW Behind the Songs: "Loveliness"

Fleeting yet timeless. Fate-full while full of intention. Intimate amidst the wide open. Contagious in its generosity. Grounding in its steadfastness. Love. 

I remember being deeply moved during my Aunt Belinda Good's memorial service how amidst a grief-stricken family…


1.20.17 Five life-affirming songs to listen to on inauguration day

From the Friends with the Weather blog:

This is our humble offering…a scattering of a few musical seeds of creative & loving energy into the world on this day. Reflections on beauty, gratitude, perseverance, justice, simplicity, and finding the…

12.22.15 NEW project: Friends with the Weather!!

I've been hunkered down with these 5 powerful beings these last 2 longtime co-writer/bandmate/collaborator Seth Hendricks, my Mutual Kumquat bandmate David Hupp, my Sweet Insurrection bandmates Brennan Andes & Julian Allen, and longtime friend and Earthwork Music mastermind Seth…