6.1.13 New gigs, new press, new concert videos!

Well, it's been way too long checking in here. I hope your gardens are growing, you've had your first swim of the season, and the cookouts and campfires are raging. Some great new press has been rolling in for Beautiful

12.14.12 "There are no words to express this horror."

"There are no words that can express this horror."

When I heard the news of the school shooting today my heart felt an all too familiar sense of sadness and hopelessness, for this story as tragic and unbelievable as…

11.22.12 For the Ancestors

Thanksgiving 2012:
I am so eternally grateful for having known Phil & Louie Baldwin Rieman, Kenneth L. Brown , Ken King, Mike Brown, and Lori Waas. On this day of thanks, I am deeply humbled how these 6 passionate…

11.15.12 Mind on the Middle East

My heart is breaking for all the people suffering amidst the growing violence in the Middle East. 10 years ago I wrote the song, "Looking through these pages," inspired by conversations with a Palestinian friend & classmate of mine at…

9.9.12 'Beautiful' Album Release!!!

Today is a day of gratitude. Today is a day of celebration. An intense new birth, beginning, awakening. An intense sense of completion and accomplishment. A day where you choose to put your heart on your sleeve and invite what…