11.22.12 For the Ancestors

Thanksgiving 2012:
I am so eternally grateful for having known Phil & Louie Baldwin Rieman, Kenneth L. Brown , Ken King, Mike Brown, and Lori Waas. On this day of thanks, I am deeply humbled how these 6 passionate…Read more

11.15.12 Mind on the Middle East

My heart is breaking for all the people suffering amidst the growing violence in the Middle East. 10 years ago I wrote the song, "Looking through these pages," inspired by conversations with a Palestinian friend & classmate of mine at…Read more

9.9.12 'Beautiful' Album Release!!!

Today is a day of gratitude. Today is a day of celebration. An intense new birth, beginning, awakening. An intense sense of completion and accomplishment. A day where you choose to put your heart on your sleeve and invite what…Read more