11.30.13 Buy Nothing Day, Buy LOCAL, and a future of balanced, healthy commerce

This kind of ethic, vision, personality, and commitment to community shared so eloquently by the folks at Literati Bookstore is one of many reasons why I'm so excited for this "Buy Local" project! I am mindful of the devastating effects of unfettered capitalism, consumerism, and greed on the earth, workers, consumers, and communities alike. There are so many scholars, poets, preachers & teachers through the centuries who have spoken to that so clearly...from the current Pope to Ghandi to St. Frances of Assisi. Many people, including my dear friend Samuel Seth Bernard, lifted these concerns up yesterday by observing Buy Nothing Day rather than Black Friday. Let us hold these lessons close and help them shape our behaviors in the recognition that truly every dollar we spend is a vote for the future that we & our children will inhabit. Let us speak for a future of balanced, healthy commerce that is vibrant, kind to its workers, community focused, concerned for the earth, and breathes into being a more sustainable & living economy that values culture, community, and sustainability. -chris

From Literati Bookstore facebook post, Saturday 11/3013.
Most everything we do, we do with local small businesses:-Our T-shirts and totes are printed by VGKids, an Ypsi-based printing company
-Our cards are all designed by Ann Arbor artists
-Our bookshelves were re-purposed from Borders Store No. 1, or custom built by a local carpenter
-Our mugs were printed by Underground Printing
-Our bookmarks and some mugs were designed by Alisa Bobzien, a local artist
-Our window displays and were hand-painted and constructed by Samantha Schroeder, a local artist
-Our sign, coming this week, was designed by Oliver Uberti, a local designer, and built right here in Ann Arbor by Grafaktri

When you shop local, more of your money stays local. But more than that, it's also been a great way to meet new friends, neighbors, and keep alive what we love about Ann Arbor.

Happy Small Business Saturday!