The Sweet Insurrection

The Sweet Insurrection is a rotating cast of world-class musicians who accompany Chris in many of his musical adventures. The Sweet Insurrection members bring their expansive music talents to Chris' debut solo album, Beautiful, many of his performances across the Midwest, as well as many of his recent video projects.

Mostly based in SE Michigan, the Sweet Insurrection lineup roster regularly includes:

Brennan Andes: bass
Ross Huff: trumpet
Loren Kranz: drums, vocals

Occasional/past members:

Billy King: guitar
Dan Rickabus: drums
David Hall: percussion
Drew Penkowski: guitar
Julian Allen
: drums, vocals
James Cornelison: guitar, vocals
Rachel Mazer: saxaphone, vocals
Madelyn Grant: vocals
Seth Hendricks: percussion, vocals
Randall Moore: percussion
Josef Deas: bass/keyboards
Mike Shea: drums
Alexos Syropolous: saxaphone
Griffin Bastian: drums
Jesse Clayton: keyboards
Jacob Jolliff: mandolin
Michael Anne Erlewine: vocals