friends with the weather

Friends with the Weather is a new project from the trio of singer-songwriter/multi-instrumentalists Seth HendricksChris Good, and David Hupp, and a continued exploration of Hendricks and Good's longtime songwriting partnership. While those familiar with their catalogue will recognize familiar lyrical & musical stylings, Friends with the Weather brings a freshness of new material, written in the midst of unique times, creating new sonic textures amidst new collaborations. The group celebrated it's debut release in September 2016 as a member of the Earthwork Music Collective.

"Friends With the Weather has crafted the kind of album that submerges its listener in the depths of its musical and lyrical waters, and allows one to get lost in the beautiful space between opening and closing tracks...As expected with a collective of seasoned songwriters and musicians, the album exemplifies a level of excellence; it takes every musical turn you hope it will, but then veers into a direction even more perfect and fitting than what you thought possible." -Local Spins