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Chris' main current musical project, Friends with the Weather

Chris' debut album, 'Beautiful'

"Buy Local" song and music video collaboration

Chris' former band, Mutual Kumquat

The award-winning song, "Was it You"

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friends with the weather

"Friends With the Weather has crafted the kind of album that submerges its listener in the depths of its musical and lyrical waters, and allows one to get lost in the beautiful space between opening and closing tracks...As expected with a collective of seasoned songwriters and musicians, the album exemplifies a level of excellence; it takes every musical turn you hope it will, but then veers into a direction even more perfect and fitting than what you thought possible." -Local Spins 

“Friends with the Weather has the freshness of a new project with the fortitude of seasoned musicians coming together to devote themselves to something they believe in.” -Seth Bernard, Earthwork Music 

3.29.17 Purple Walrus Press: Friends with the Weather let the good vibes flow at the Ark in Ann Arbor on Tuesday night 

1.27.17 Michigan Radio: Seth Bernard & Friends with the Weather on making music in "complicated times" 

1.24.17 Purple Walrus Press: Michigan based band Friends with the Weather delivers gem of an album

12.1.16 Local Spins: Michigan Album Reviews (scroll down for FWTW review) 

Chris' debut album, "Beautiful"

"The beauty in Good’s art is his directness; you won’t find oblique here. No irony. No detachment whatsoever. It’s refreshing, and it reminds us what lies at the core of true folk music: direct communication. “For the Ancestors” is also musically gorgeous. Its loping rhythms support a gentle melody, vaguely recalling Paul Simon’s Graceland work... -Whatzup Magazine April, 2013 

"The album’s tasteful and eclectic blend of folk, blue grass, straight up reggae, shuffling funk and Latin American rhythms soars from start to finish. It is this delightful combination of music that makes Beautiful zesty and satisfying. Further, there is an uplifting theme in the lyrics of love, hope, authenticity and universal harmony between people. In this day and age of economic down turn, layoffs and deep political polarization, Good’s theme of humanity hits the spot and is remarkably refreshing. Beautiful will lift your spirits on a dreary day and enhance your positive vibrations on a sun-shiny one..."  -Purple Walrus Press March, 2013 

"...Beautiful is a collection of pure, honest tunes that burst with life and occasional instrumental color...While Mr. Good’s lyrics often bleed social concerns his earnest voice and aqueous blue eyes couldn’t be overbearing or preachy. His aim seems pure and universal – for all to realize how beautiful it is to live and grow..." -iSPY Magazine December, 2012 

"Chris Good creates music infused with intentionality, ingenuity and integrity. The sweet grooves will make you long for that first warm spring day when you can open your windows. Beautiful inspires individual and group dance parties every time it is bursting through the speakers." -Sarah Cleaver, Nervous but Excited 

Beautiful (2012): CD
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