mutual kumquat

For 18 years, Mutual Kumquat brought it's eclectic 'good times revolution music' to audiences across the United States, engaging listeners with positive, clever, and poignant lyrics, strong rhythms, rich harmonies, stick-in-your-head melodies and its unique style of pop music influenced by bluegrass, funk, jazz, soul, folk, reggae, afrobeat, and sacred music. 

Inspired by visions of radical, loving, creative communities living in MUTUAL relationship and the sweet yet tart, tiny but power-packed-with-flavor wonder fruit that is a KUMQUAT, the group was born in the summer of 2000.  6 self-produced albums, hundreds of gigs, and thousands of miles travelled later, the group celebrated it's farewell with a finale concert in July 2018 featuring 7 of the band's longtime members.

"Mutual Kumquat has an abundance of all the ingredients that make a great band, and one extra that makes them special. They have songwriting talent to burn, with lyrics that challenge, inspire, amuse, and touch your heart, and melodic hooks that leave you humming. They have instrumental virtuosity that makes you say 'Wow.' Their rhythmic energy gets you on your feet dancing without realizing it. And they have just plain good vibes. But beyond all these, what shines through Mutual Kumquat is the quality of love -- unconditional, embracing love. It's underneath all their lyrics, it flows between them on stage, and it radiates outward to embrace their audience and their world. Mutual Kumquat is soul medicine for the individual, the community, and the earth. Listen!”
--Shawn Kirchner, Los Angeles Composer, Singer, Pianist

"Infectious, fun-loving spirit permeates each track...making it easy for the listener to likewise join the party!"
--Whatzup Magazine, Fort Wayne, IN

“Mutual Kumquat mixes powerfully progressive lyrics with an infectiously joyful stage presence--they really know how to jump-start an audience! And just as important, their original material demonstrates a unique combination of poetic depth and exciting musicality that sets a brand new standard on today's scene. These fellows prove beyond a shadow of anybody's doubt that you don't have to turn off your brain to have a party.”
--Bill Jolliff, Respected Quaker banjoist, singer-songwriter, poet, and Professor of Literature and Creative Writing, George Fox Universtity

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