11.15.12 Mind on the Middle East

My heart is breaking for all the people suffering amidst the growing violence in the Middle East. 10 years ago I wrote the song, "Looking through these pages," inspired by conversations with a Palestinian friend & classmate of mine at Manchester College, Randa Jamal. It is a song that speaks of the despair and hopelessness so present in the situation and the deep yearning for peace and new vision. A decade has passed but the search for peace & justice feel as elusive as ever. As I write this the bombs keep falling. Mutual Kumquat recently performed the song on a radio appearance on Tree Town Sound on Ann Arbor's 107.1 FM. Check out the video as the most recent episode of the Funky Farmer Newsic Program. May we all do our part to help build community, conquer fear, and work towards a more peaceful and just world.