11.13.14 Dear Michigan

Dear Michigan,

Despite your baffling electorate, discouraging politricks, and stubborn continuation of prejudicial laws, I can't help falling more in love with you every day.

In the days since walking out of the voter's booth last week I have visited your wineries, your brewpubs, your eateries graced by visionary chefs & winemakers & brewmasters who work in harmony with farmers caring for the earth while bringing tastes alive with passion & creativity.

I have walked your awesome and breathtaking shores, woods & fields, filled with wonder & urgent responsibility to care for this water & earth so abundant yet so fragile.

I have heard your songsters, jazz and folk and pop and genre defying alike, speaking voices of ancestral and timeless richness, prophetic challenge, gritty humor, fearless shredding, and ear candy worthy of every soundtrack.

I have fallen again and again for your people. The communities where 2 or 3 or 3,000 gather to be all embracing of LOVE, of science, of spirit, of passion, of gratitude, of culture, of humility, of justice, of dignity, remembering and learning from our history as we envision and build our future.

Thank you, friends, from the depths of my being. YOU know who you are. Keep doing what you do. Thanks for reminding me of what is at stake and showing me how beautiful this life can be. You inspire me to do what I do and to do it fearlessly and lovely and strong.