9.29.17 FWTW Behind the Songs: "Loveliness"

Fleeting yet timeless. Fate-full while full of intention. Intimate amidst the wide open. Contagious in its generosity. Grounding in its steadfastness. Love. 

I remember being deeply moved during my Aunt Belinda Good's memorial service how amidst a grief-stricken family & community, love could resonate so profoundly, in gratitude and lasting, living legacy. One life, although way too short in years, continues to ripple out in infinite ways simple & profound. In the sharing of the stories, a collective challenge & accountability was birthed to live into that love in all of it's loveliness. 

This was our charge as lyricists & musicians as we set to bring "Loveliness" to life...to capture a drive and sense of urgency but also to relax into a groove, as if falling into a long, unconditional loving embrace. 

My wish for us all in these times of fear is to live with hearts courageously wide open, to seek & embrace the loveliness in ourselves and each other. 

Special thanks to my dear cousin, Adam Good, for sharing this beautiful photograph.