7.1.18 "On the Other Side" music video!

The deeper the darkness the more the world needs your light. 

Today, my offering is a simple song of encouragement & commitment. A video expression of pure love between parent & child. I'm keenly aware of my own privilege, aching for those who deserve these precious moments of carefree joy & safety no less than I do but are targeted because of the color of their skin, their country of origin, or their religious belief. 

I've been keeping my daughter extra close these last few weeks. As if somehow my loving embrace can extend out across the miles to wrap up all of those parents and children so cruelly separated from one another. 

"Ain't no light like the light that shines from the darkness. 
Ain't no hope like the hope that sparks from despair. 
Ain't no flower like the flower that blooms in the desert. 
Ain't no love like the love that conquers fear." 

I've been rocking my daughter & singing these words, just as I did during her first precious days of life. She is my most brilliant light, radiating hope & wonder & challenging me every day to dig deeper into being the best person that I can be. She reminds me to return to the hope, the fight, the resilience, the commitment to being a part of the change, the growth, the healing. 

"WE are that spark, gonna light it up, shine through the dark." 

If not us, who? When our children ask us about this moment, will we be able to tell them that we showed up, spoke out? That we kept creating beauty & kept building beloved community? We must find the courage and the will to persist. Light it up!