12.7.13 BUY LOCAL premiere, release, buzz, press, 8,500 views 48 hrs in!!

So much to catch up on! An absolutely beautiful night on Wednesday night at Frita Batidos to premiere the "Buy Local" music video. We had two showings, a packed house, and the community spirit was in full effect as we enjoyed the video & amazing food & drink together. Thanks so much to Eve & her crew at Frita for hosting us!! The video went online 5 minutes after premiere and it has been a wild ride since. 

Completely overwhelmed & heart fully melted by the response to the "Buy Local" video in these first 2 days. We're rocking 8,500+ views right now!!! The journey has reinvigorated my belief in community both here in Ann Arbor & with my broader community around the country & world. For me personally, the project has truly been about 'supporting my friends & neighbors' and trying to envision a healthy, balanced sense of commerce that fuels culture & community. Thank you, all, for helping spread the word! I've heard of listening parties, the video making biz/org newsletters, bands sharing on email lists, ShopLocally.com covered it, press by Damn ArborMLive.com & CBS Detroit, and of course so many of you sharing via fbook, twitter, and word of mouth! Let's keep it up!! Share it, like it, comment on it, spread the word on blogs, discussion boards, to your media contacts, tell your grandmother...grandmas seem to really like this...I think that's a really good sign!