6.19.16 Father's Day single from Friends with the Weather: Ezra's Song

Today, on Father's Day, I celebrate some of my favorite fathers.   Seth Hendricks. David Hupp. Brennan Andes. Seth Bernard. Jim Roll. 6 of the 7 key collaborators of this new, Friends with the Weather project are fathers. In the midst of these troubled times where men so often seem to be forces of violence, hate, and misogyny, these men have inspired me deeply to seek another way. These are fathers who nurture, who play, who engage. Who have strong loving arms to comfort & when it's time, set their babies free. These are fathers who teach their sons the meaning & power of consent. These are fathers who support their daughters in discovering their own power, with unconditional & present love. These are fathers who model what it means to be a community builder of hope on behalf of the disenfranchised, the earth, and the next generations. And collaborator #7? Julian Allen, the youngest of our crew, is already nurturing the next generation of young folks in a beautiful way, another lovely embodiment of masculinity that seals this team's chemistry. 

On this Father's Day, we are releasing our second song, "Ezra's Song." The song is a blessing from a father to a child. Today, it is also our blessing and celebration of all of the fathers & men out there bringing the soulful, gentle, nurturing, loving, creating energies into this world. These papas are going to keep on making the music, dreaming the dreams, nurturing the next generations, and lifting up the hope that we can be a part of creating something beautiful.