9.9.12 'Beautiful' Album Release!!!

Today is a day of gratitude. Today is a day of celebration. An intense new birth, beginning, awakening. An intense sense of completion and accomplishment. A day where you choose to put your heart on your sleeve and invite what may come. No regrets. As I prepare to head across town to do a radio interview on Tree Town Sound and officially release my debut solo record to the world, I find myself reflecting on the journey that took me here. So many people have helped me get to this moment. Heidi, Seth, Brennan, Jacob, Jim. The list goes on and on. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. This album for me is years in the making and truly a labor of love. An album called Beautiful. 10 songs...10 seeds of Beautiful. 1: a song inspired by the controversy a few years ago that erupted over a boy with pink-painted nails...that turned into a song I sing to myself in the mirror...a song I sing (often in my head) to those I meet...of acknowledging the beauty in oneself and those around us. 2: a song celebrating humility. 3: a proclamation that nothing is more powerful than LOVE. 4: a tune inspired by the miracles of veggies, community, and food that I have experienced in my work and play as a farmer. 5: a love song rooted in the deepest and truest and realest love. #6: the song that cuts to the soul of this album...of gratitude, memory, reverance, loss, and love. 7: a song of revolution. 8: a love song of adventure...of kindred spirit. 9: a song of spice...a challenge to live life fully. 10: a song of letting go. And now I let go...it's time to release...time to celebrate. Yes, YOU are Beautiful!!